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After Montignac


Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis


Hidden in the forest, west of Provins
Tue May 14, 1985 5:25

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Montignac Must Fall

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The overall battle isn't going well for the US, and they deceided to withdrawl from the island. Even worse, your radio is dead and you're stranded in a forest west of Provins.


Excaping the first forest[]

The most difficult part of the map is to escape the forest you are hiding in. Enemies are gradually closing in, and there is are nearby vehicles that can quickly kill you.

In general, you need to travel to the forest south of your starting area, then cross over th the new evacuation point announced.


  • The weather forecast calls for fog on this map. However, you can still see some distance if you adjust your detail settings.
  • If you travel too far away, you will get an error message saying it can't find the sound file "AwayArms".