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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis


Morton, Fri May 10 17:50

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Montignac Must Fall

Alert starts off as a relaxation mission, where there's apparently no activity going to happen. However, the lieutenant's jeep gets attacked on route to La Moule.

When the report comes in, you will board an M113 and proceed near grid reference DC64.

The enemy will attack shortly after your squad leaves the M113, and have three groups. These three groups have a slight random composition:

  1. The first group will be hiding behind the tree line, in the direction of the jeep (see image to the right)
  2. The second is usually a lone RPG solder, that usually appears where the APC was destroyed.
  3. A third group will approach from the north, attacking from the trees.

Once enemies in the local area are eliminated, enter the truck to finish the mission.