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David Armstrong is one of four playable characters in [[Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis]]. He enlists as a private, and throughout the course of the game, reaches the rank of Captain at the end of the campaign.
David Armstrong is one of four playable characters in [[Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis]]. He enlists as a private.He is one of the soldiers sent to Everon to engadge "unknown hostile millitary force" witch is later turned out to be Soviet Army.During his time in Everon he appears as a competent soldier killing numbers of soviet troops,during Montinac Must Fall US Army is ordered to withdraw from Everon,depenting on the sucessfullnes of capture of Montinac he either finds himself alone in a forest or in a evacuation convoy,either way evac point in Morton is compromised and he is ordered to go to a new evac point witch is also compromised by Russians and he is captured,luckly he is saved by Resistance forces,he helps them save some civillians and help them reach their HQ in the old castle,he is evacuted back to Malden,at Malden he is engading in a conversation with his CO about a possibility of US Army aiding Resitance forces,CO denies his request and puts him on Night Patrol,just at the same time some Spetnatz were to sabote the post he was stationed on,he managed to kill those Spetnatz and Spec Ops is sent to assist.He later appears in Le Port guarding it from Russian attack (in witch he mans the machine gun),unluckly they are forced to retreat.He then goes to an ambush mission to ambush Russian tanks,witch he managed to do.He then helps in many US Army attacks on Russian bases and town,such as taking Shilkas at Chapoi and taking the town.He also appears in one of the tank missions,as in a brief cutscene where he and other soldier are patrolling near Chapoi and seeing Russian tanks.He is called by Colonel Blake who is impressed with him and promotes him,he also shows him a ultimatum delivered by Russian commander General Guba,he is ordered by Blake to contact the Everon Freedom Movement(Resistance forces) for some helpful documents.He gets his own squad and defends the town of Guisse in Malden,he later goes on recon to find an enemy camp witch he destroys,now it is the turn for Americans to claim Everon,he is ordered to take an airport witch he manages to do,he doesn't appear often in Everon missions being replaced by pilot and tank missions(he is still killing Russians,just unshown),he also appears in attack on Kolgujev witch he is ordered to take out Russian bases witch were bombared by A-10 planes.He then takes many more bases,altought he doesn't appear in capture of General Guba,witch is given to the Spec Ops,he does appear in the end mission in witch it is implied that he got a futher promotion to Captain.
[[Category:Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis]]
[[Category:Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis]]

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