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Dimitri Lukin is playable character in Operation Flashpoint Red Hammer as a Soviet soldier.

He is sent to invade Everon, where his squad is immediately faced with the local resistance. During the invasion he often argues with his Captain because of Captain's lack of combat experience. In spite of this, Soviet forces manage to defeat resistance and take whole island. Then he is sent to the southern part of Everon where his squad repulses the American offensive.

Lukin is then involved in the invasion on Malden, but he sees the invasion ill prepared because of bad planning and lack of equipment and troops. Although the initial offensives are successful, the American forces quickly get the upper hand and push the Soviets back. Lukin and few other Soviet soldiers are left behind during the hasty retreat. Lukin then sneaks past the American lines and steals the chopper which he uses to transport the Soviet soldiers left on Malden back to Soviet-held Everon.

Soon after his return, Everon is invaded by the Americans and Lukin leads numerous missions to stop the American advance. Due to his success, he is promoted to Spetsnaz and sent to defend Montignac against the waves of American combined arms attacks.

Lukin's morale breaks down after his team is tasked with the ambush of the enemy troop convoy, which is later revealed as the transport of the civilian refugees. It is then revealsd Lukin was a Spetsnaz soldier fighting in Afghanistan, but got demoted to the infantry soldier and sent to Kolgujev because he protested against the indiscriminate killing of the civilians.

Despite his insubordination, he gets another chance and sent to eliminate one of the resistance leaders on Everon. He manages to sneak past the American lines and encounter the leader, only to find out he is actually a Spetsnaz soldier who deserted because he found out the whole conflict was orchestrated by General Guba.

Lukin decides to desert, too. He is sent to Kolgujev where he conducts some sabotage missions to weaken the Soviet forces there and pave a way for an American invasion of Kolgujev. Just before the final Soviet defeat Lukin infiltrates a Soviet base and captures three Soviet officers still loyal to Guba.

The conflict is quickly forgotten and Lukin is then seen to remain in Spetsnaz.