James Gastovski is a playable character in Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis and major non playable character in Operation Flashpoint Resistance.Not much is known about his life before the Nogova invasion but he was present in a spec ops mission with his good friend Ex British Special Forces Victor Troska,Gastovski is also a fan of James Bond movies possibly inspiring him to get into US Special Forces.His first appearence is in Operation Flashpoint Resistance where US decides to secretly support Nogova Resistance (this was after Vietnam War and US couldn't afford to get into wars of other countries)by arming them and Spec Ops help.It is possible that US sent Gastovski because he is friend with Resistance leader Victor Troska ensuring Resistance co operation.He helps the Resistance and managed to convince Colonel Blake to sent troops to help the Resistance,but Victor Troska dies and Guba (Colonel at that time) escapes.After that Gastovski decides to retire staring a bussnies in Malden.When "unknown hostile millitary force" (Soviet Army) invades Everon he is sent to scout the area but doesn't  return making Colonel Blake send NATO forces on a invasion. His first appearence as a playable character is at Russia's Malden invasion where he is sent to sabotage a Russian stronghold (the hills were full of RPG soldiers so tanks couldn't pass) which he accomplishes sucessfully.He also appears in Everon sabotaging a millitary base full of tanks which angers Guba greatly (Gastovski's favourite hobby).He then goes to Kolgujev to scout some Shilkas and later destroy them. Next, he goes into Guba's house to steal some documents. He is the one who captures Guba and destroys his SCUD. He is shown to speak Russian as he finds out trought Guba's monolouge in Russian that there is 2nd SCUD which he destroys