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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis


Montignac, Everon
Fri May 10, 1985 4:30

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After Montignac or Strange Meeting

Montignac Must Fall is a mission to reclaim one of the towns. However, it doesn't go as planned.

During the course of the mission, the forces at Mieux will report a heavy attack from the sea at Df25, and are told backup is en-route. There will also be an evacuation announcement, for all units to withdrawl.



You start the mission west of Montignac, equipped with an M16 + M203. You are part of alpha squad, and when you approach Montignac, Bravo and Charlie squads will also assist.

Alpha squad will attack along the western road, but generally arrives slightly north. From this position, look for the following targets:

  • One or two solders south of the first building.
  • A set of soldiers (including an officer) standing behind a building on the east-west road.
  • A BMP patrolling the North-south road.

This mission may be aborted if you Bravo and Charlie squads are wiped out. If they are, you are recalled to the truck for the mission Strange Meeting. Otherwise, there is an announcement for evacuating Everon.


After the announcement, a truck will pick the squads up. The truck will head to Provins on the route to Morton, but has to stop because of a Russian forces. Look for 2-4 enemies south-west of Provins, and a 4-man squad north-east of Provins.

After the battle, the truck will be destroyed (by a mission trigger), and you will need to wait for a Blackhawk for pickup. This doesn't go well, because it enters combat with a gunship. Your squad then forced to retreat into the forest, starting mission After Montignac.


  • The date for the mission is incorrect, it should be May 13 to match with the immediately following missions, or May 14 to match the journal.
  • The helicopter is from the airport at Saint Phillipe, and the Hind attacks from Figari.