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An expansion Red Hammer, which was developed by Codemasters, depicts the same conflict as the OFP:Cold War Crisis, but places the player in the role of a Russian soldier, Dmitri Lukin, rather than an American soldier. During the course of the campaign, Lukin, who is one of the few soldiers stationed on Kolgujev with previous combat experience, switches from his steadfast fight against American forces on Everon and Malden to joining the resistance fighters on Everon battling his own countrymen in order to pave the way for an American take-over of the island. He is also tasked to kill or capture the last officers still loyal to general Guba. There are a few new vehicles added, including the AH-64 Apache, Bell OH-58 Kiowa, BMP-2, BRDM and M2A2 Bradley. The save game system was altered significantly, making reverting to a previous level impossible. Lukin had been a Spetsnaz in Afghanistan but was demoted to Private for not obeying the orders and shipped to the regular army for insubordination. During the course of the Red Hammer campaign he is put in command of a squad, promoted to Sergeant, drives tanks, flies helicopters and eventually gets promoted to Lieutenant and assigned back to Spetsnaz.